what EasyVPn deserves


EasyVPN is such a nice, awesome piece of art, i was so happy when i tried it for the first time, but what i noticed is that it is not popular and no much people knows about it, so please “members” do something like video reviews on Youtube or anything that may help publishing this software because it really deserves to be the no.1 used software.

and i want to ask easyvpn’s developers if it is possible that they add more features like the ability to Instant Message people using windowslive, gmail etc… :-[ :-[

waiting your posts

check out the beta version…
it has all the other IM integration, as well as application sharing and many other new features!

pls spread the word…its a great great tool!


first, Melih it is an honor that you reply to my first post on this forum.
second, i want to say that i found what i wished to see on the new BETA version so i want to congratulate you and the whole team for this wonderful work.

thanks alot

excellent news!

pls do continue to provide us with your wishes for the future development of EVPN.
thank you