What e-mail clients does CIS support (best)?

I’ve just used CIS on my XP Home laptop for a while and quite like it. I’m considering if I shall replace AVG with CIS in my Vista Home Basic laptop. Can anyone tell me what e-mail client(s) CIS best support?

I’m looking for and trying out a good e-mail client as I’m not happy from the backup point of view with some clients:

  • Outlook Express (single DBX files for all e-mails);
  • Outlook (one PST file holding all e-mails, notes, calendar, contacts, etc… worse than Outlook Express);
  • Windows Mail/ Windows Live Mail (good with single EML file for a single e-mail. But strange enough for Windows Vista, the dates of saved EML & URL files and sizes of URL files change every time I open Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail! Someone said it a bug! I dare not try them in XP!).

Can anyone suggest some good e-mail clients for use with CIS? Many thanks!!! (:HUG)

Thunderbird is probably the most popular email client used with CIS, but what is it that you expect CIS to do for you? CIS doesn’t have a separate email scanner or do backups.

Thank you. That means CIS can work with virtually any e-mail client in the world, right?

Can anyone give me links or advice for a comparison of the pros and cons among different e-mail clients? Thanks a lot!!!

Take a look at http://www.dslreports.com/faq/swforumapps/21_E-mail_client for one poll with comments by knowledgeable users.