What does this mean?


Booted the PC, after a while there was a fair bit of hard drive chattering and then Comodo Firewall’s icon went like this.


Is there a log file anywhere to find out what went wrong?

don’t worry , it no problem :slight_smile:

It is a problem, it means that it isnt working!

You can try a clean install of CIS. If you need help just ask :slight_smile:

Hello JolietJake;

You may check Defense+ Logs
CIS > Defense+ > Defense+ Events
Run Diagnostics
CIS > Misc. > Run Diagnostic

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hi everyone! I run CIS FW+CAV along with Avira,i think best combination.I have a question:what means the CIS’icon with red&green arrows? sometimes it have only red arrows,sometimes green and sometimes both red&green?
thanks for futures answers O0


The Red Arrows and Green Arrows Means Incoming and Outgoing Traffic.
Outgoing I believe is the red arrows are going upward
Incoming I Believe is the green arrows are going downward.

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this its tha faster answer ever !?yes,it helps me;one thing more: red arrows are down,green arrows are up;a minor mistake.lots of thanks !

My Apologies;

Your Most Welcome baptistul.