What does this Comodo tray icon mean?

I’ve been using the Comodo firewall for a couple of weeks, on a desktop shared by 3 separate users. Usually the tray icon will have the “flames” which I assume indicates inbound/outbound traffic. Occasionally I see:

If I click on it it displays that all systems are running and active.
What does that tray icon indicate?

The small shield with the flames indicates there is an update available. The indication of inbound and outbound traffic are the red and green arrows that move up and down the sides of the shield.

The shield with the red circle indicates an error condition. Go to the Miscellaneous tab and run the Diagnostics to see if it indicates where the problem lies.

This is a known bug. Sometimes the tray icon reports an error but everything is fine. If you run Diagnostics and everything is okay, i wouldn’t worry about it.