What does this change to the Comodo icon mean?

My firewall is up and running but can someone tell me what means when the comodo icon in the system tray has got a red circle with a red diagonal line across it?

Sorry to be so basic, but I’ve been looking around help, faq and the forums for ages

Is this the same problem?


Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Creasy - this has solved the problem. I had wiped my HDD and reinstalled Windows a couple of days ago after my computer became totally unstable and my AV and anti-spyware were disabled. So I’m really grateful to you as you’ve probably saved me going through the same thing again.

I still haven’t found out what the change to the icon is meant to indicate - I thought it might mean the firewall was turned off but when I opened up the Comodo GUI it said that all systems were up and running. Then a few hours later I got a pop up saying that Comodo had encountered a problem and needed to close. I also found that my AV wouldn’t update. I then found that my forum post had been answered and the answer addressed problems which had happened since posting! I unintalled KB 976098 and both Comodo and my AV are back to normal. Result or what!


(Windows XP SP3, latest version of Comodo Firewall and D+, free version of Antivir)

No problem.