What does this alert mean?

Hi, I recently enabled the option of Logging the events of the firewall blocking a connection, and I noticed that there’s a connection that it’s blocked but I have no idea of what it could mean and it say that the Source IP it’s on the port 68 going to on the port 67 and the protocol it’s UDP and also the the program it’s the Windows Operating System. Since it’s pretty weird to see something like this I was wondering if someone could tell me what this mean? Is it normal?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

It’s a DHCP discover message. Basically, it’s your client looking for a DHCP server (somewhere to get an IP aaddress) The reason the source address is is because at the point of sending the message your client didn’t have an IP address. The destination address is a local broadcast. Again, at the time of sending the message, your client didn’t know the address of the server, so it sends the message to all on the local network.

Thanks Radaghast, then I guess I don’t have to be worried after all :slight_smile: