What does "switch to installation mode" do? (Can't find in help file) [Resolved]

What does “switch to installation mode” do? I can’t find a description in the online help nor in the FAQs ???

Using the firewall on Vista Ultimate, all critical updates installed.

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Installation mode stops any popups while you are installing a new program. It will then automatically switch back to your normal mode for you or it will popup a window asking you if you want to switch back and you can choose yes there if the install is done.


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“Reminder” window must be hardcoded ‘always on top’ imo. I’ve not seen that window about 2 hours after installation (because another was on top) - means ALL activities was learned as ‘installation’?

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I have a suggestion: the “switch to installation mode” (or back) should be made a menu item for the tray icon. Having to open the main window to reach it looks like a bit of overkill to me… Just my 2¢ :slight_smile:

Absolutely yes! 2$ :wink: