What does "Submission error" mean

Yep I understand the file for some reason isn’t submitted. ;D
I would like to now why. (so I can possibly resubmit)

  • Sever down.
  • File to big
  • Should I have zipped the file
  • File is to old
  • Something else

I have never seen an official response, and I really wish the error reported was more specific as to what the actual problem was.

From personal experience however, I’ve only seen the error on larger files. In which case, I report the file here:
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It seems that filesize wasn’t the issue.
I successfully submitted a file that was larger than the ones that failed.
About 80% fail to submit

I recommend you to create a googlemail/gmail in case the file is bigger than 10 MB; you can send up to 25MB. I will come back with the mail where you can send it to here is the mail. here is the mail (falsepositive[at]avlab.comodo.com)

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All the submission methods are stated in this thread.
How to report False Positives - Please read this before submitting !