What does outbound mean?

My firewall that I feel special for getting.

It talks about outgoing and ingoing

is there anyways I can even make ip go thru incoming and then use outgoing

Could you rephrase your question? I am confused to what you want to try to do. What purpose do you need rules for?

I don’t understand your last question either.

Anyway these words have always caused confussion–it took a while until I myself figured them out.

When talking about each connection–between some local program in your computer and something remote over in a network–it’s called “outbound” when the connection is established at the request of your local program.

A connection is on the other hand called “inbound” when it’s established at the request of something remote over in a network outside your computer, with a local program in your computer that’s “listening”, that is this program will accept any connection attempted in the right way. Few programs should be trusted with making inbound connections, even the Windows XP Firewall blocks them by default.

You can also talk about ingoing and outgoing traffic, but that’s a completely different thing–hence the confussion. When talking about traffic, ingoing simply means the information is sent from the network into your computer, and outgoing that it’s sent from your computer to somewhere in the network.

Any connection, inbound or outbound, will usually have both ingoing and outgoing traffic. “Inbound” or “outbound” are only about who requested the connection, not what kind of traffic it has–usually both.