What does "Modify user interface" mean?

I have just installed a new driver for my D-Link Wireless USB adapter (DWL-G122).

During installation this message popped out

WZCSLDR2.exe is trying to modify the user interface of cfp.exe

Modifying the user interface of another application is a fairly common operation in Windows. However, some malware also exploit this feature. If WZCSLDR2.exe is one of your everyday applications, then you can safely allow this request.

I allowed it.
Now I am wondering what is its real meaning (in simple words please :wink: )
What did I allow?

have you googled it.?
if you have MBAM i would do a scan.
Also upload the file to virustotal.

It means when you close a window etc. ie:- Window Message


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"… when you close a window etc… " what?
Could you complete the phrase?

That particular alert was when I closed the CIS gui closing the interface (window) of the gui not closing cfp.exe.

As CIS allows all window messages after one alert I can only guess at etc.