What does |* mean?

In protected files e.g. is written %windir%*| or ?:\boot*|

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Not the easiest to understand in usage, but have a look through these links . . .



Here is some information which was gathered by others:

Can anyone help with this mysterious “|” Symbol?

How do I find info on * and |?

Sorry my intromission…
* if after of one folder, for example, %userprofile%* - (all in folder…);

  • all (only applications…)
    . extension of application…
    . “coms”…
    | delimit…

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I didn’t know how to search for this symbol (|) and couldn’t find a clue on the Internet.
My concern was that it could change the protection added by any malware or so (I’m an a absolutly laymen, means I don’t know what else is possible with malware).

Edit: Ah, is called pipe symbol.

I didn't know how to search for this symbol (|) and couldn't find a clue on the Internet.

To produce this key the answer is

| = "Hold down the “ALT” button on keyboard and type in “124” Then release "alt button.


I think prodex means that it is not possible to use the | symbol in the forum search function.
When you enter the | symbol along with other search key words in the search field and hit the search button then
the forum search function responds with: Each word must be at least two characters long.

Apparently the forum search function does not support special characters like * ? or |

Yes, that’s it!