What does "Defence+" do? What is it for?

As per thread title, what is the purpose of Defence+?

What makes Defence+ important for the overall firewall’s ability to be “firewall’y”?

Hi dcyloo.

From the CFP Help:

The Defense+ component of Comodo Firewall Pro is a host intrusion prevention system that constantly monitors the activities of all executable files on your PC. With Defense+ activated, the user is warned EVERY time an unknown application executable (.exe, .dll, .sys, .bat etc) attempts to run. The only executables that are allowed to run are the ones you give permission to.

Aah whoops. :slight_smile:

Perhaps I should be checking out the help files. However I’m at work at the moment and don’t have my home PC handy and web-searching doesn’t find me much at the moment. :slight_smile:

Ok with that for Defense+, is there any way to have the product not show up all the alerts?

I really find the “warnings” (popups) annoying when installing & uninstalling, other then that i’m happy… I wonder if our experts here can give us some settings that can help us :-)?

I am sure they will! ;D

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D+ needs to learn about your applications/usage. Initially you’re going to get quite a few alerts. These should, however, start to diminish after a while. It’s the nature of HIPs…

Since I am doing some software development here, quite some dll’s and exe’s are constantly created/changed. Not to mention need for manual accepting them, my experience is that running/unit testing became very slow after installing v3. It even seems that disabling D+ does not speed things up. Is uninstall my only option or am I missing some settings? Can I mark whole directories as trusted, so every file (even those that are modified/created there afterwards) becomes trusted as well? Or – can I mark some application so that every other application started from it does not prompt and does not end in my list of applications to inspect?


I also have this problem. I develop inVisual Studio .net 2005 and after the v. 3 install of Comodo, my builds became extremely slow. It seems that the time VS try to build a project, COMODO tries to communicate with the internet.

Is there a way to change this ?? I have set devenv.exe as a trusted app but this keeps going…

So far the only workable option was to permanently disable Defense+ (in Advanced → Defense+ settings dialog, requires restart). Builds and unittests are back at speed now.

Xmmm…i wonder if there is a way to keep D+ without causing us any delays…I have removed from my system the Windows Defender now that COMODO has something similar and i really like having ONE software that do all the security stuff.

There must be a way…

I’m using Comodo’s BOClean for quite some time in addition to firewall. It is recommended even when Defense+ is enabled (so I have read here), since it covers a wider range of malicious stuff. Maybe that is enough?

But don’t these do overlap each other ?? I mean, i installed BOClean and from the messages that COMODO’s displays, i see that BOClean scans programs that load into memory. Isn’t Comodo doing this at the first place ??