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First, names are just names.

But, is this the comodo test file? What is your question?

It should not be the case that D + recognizes the changed files to be safe. It turns out that the CIS in any way (even on the path) is not verified by the process. What if you come across an exploit?

Sorry for my English,

Yes, it should be the other way.

(exe) is unknown and about to start a safe thing. BUT IT WILL GET FULL CONTROL OVER IT. IS IT SAFE TO RUN?

Thats what you mean?

You could make a wishlist post.

CIS doesn’t recognize changed files to be safe. Any change to a file will change its file hash, which is what CIS uses to recognize files. If a “safe” file has changed and it is not digitally signed or on the whitelist, CIS will alert you when you try to run the changed file because it no longer recognizes the file.

What exactly is your question with the associated screenshot? Are you asking if it is safe to allow CLT to run? If you want an accurate result, you should block the access attempt.

You just surprised me is that D + is considered as a safe file. I thought it was a bug. Thank you for the explanation.

What did you think was a bug? That CLT.exe isn’t recognized? If CLT.exe is the Comodo Leak Test, it’s intentionally not trusted by CIS so the tests will function properly. If CLT.exe were trusted, CIS would fail the leak tests because all of the processes would be allowed.