What do you think of Community Polls?

What do you think of the Community polls?

NOTE: This poll will close in exactly 3 days from when it started.

Of course they are great! This is completely different for users , not the same old same old. I think it brings out topics much more as well and breaks from all the technical stuff once in a while. I vote to keep them. Great job.

ummm. you do know we were kidding about taking polls on the polls right? :smiley:

Just to let you know, (hope you don’t mind) you are in the lead to take over Bill Gates’s spot. Now you can make Microsoft virtual , free for Mac ! See how it all falls into place?



Lol don’t make fun of me, but when I get older my dream is to possibly get a job at Microsoft, that or Comodo, I would change things in Microsoft if I got in the right spot, I would make it so instead of people considering Microsoft as an enemy, they would consider Microsoft as a Company that cares about their customers and not just the costumers money. Lol wondering my age? Check my profile you may be amazed at how much I know for my age…

Wow! Justin you’re really that young? I thought I was the youngest - guess not ;D.


Cool Justin - you had me fooled. I thought you were an old grey wrinkly geek like the rest of me. LOL.

Never let your age get in the way of your ambitions, Justin. The only people who worry about someone else’s age are already too old and just haven’t realized it.

Just don’t ever say “Mummy, whats a C-64?”. LOL

Ewen :slight_smile:

Lol yes actually :slight_smile: I use to hide my age but now I don’t. Yes I am only 14 turning 15 in October 14th. Yes I am young but I want to lead a sucessful life and am working on learning a lot about computers and security software so I can sell amazing products and give away amazing products like Melih has done, also I am working on maybe creating a business, won’t reveal any of my ideas but lets say I will help secure people’s computers for a resonable price and will feature many different product varieties, I just need help with creating the site,with the webhosting, and SSL costs (to secure the site, of course I will be using Comodo SSL :P) if I can get past those three large obsticles then I will have my small business set up and ready. I will be more then happy to pay anyone who can help me with the web sites programming :). But I am on a steep budget.

It’s always good to know what you want to do, and I wish you the best.


Mummy whats a C-64?




Also I have already revealed my plans to Melih (did this a few days ago) and if everything goes nicely on setting it up I will become a Comodo Partner, so that way I will be helping support Comodo :smiley:

Hate to throw a wrench in Justin, but I figured you were about that age, lol. My son is about the same age and very ambitous as you. It’s good to see you have ideas and future plans instead of all the garbage so many kids are into at your age. I think that’s great and keep up the good work! As a matter of fact I was planning on going to MS myself but due to the way they feel about people, I wasn’t too sure.

Ewen, what do you mean like the rest of us?? I’m going to be ummm…16 next week, yeah that’s it, 16! loll. ::slight_smile:

Once again, good to hear Justin!


What gave it away ???

Thanks Paul I appreciate that, it means a lot to me :smiley:

I have 3 kids, and chat with my 14 year old all the time and funny enough, he types and chats, etc…very much like you do. And it’s a certain way people answer or don’t answer, etc…


Hmm I see, I will need to improve the way I type to improve the way I would sound that way people will think of me as an adult, not a child.

lol, no. It’s not that you type bad or anything like that, it’s just what you type. It’s your age, enjoy it! one day you’ll get a t-shirt like my kids got me, it says, …I’m too sexy for my hair, that’s how come it isn’t there. lol. Don’t grow up too fast or you will one day look back and wonder where the heck it went.


Ok will keep that in mind, and will be sure not to grow up to fast :slight_smile:

Growing old is pre-ordained. Growing up is optional for the rest of your life. My ex used to suggest I grow up often. I just stuck my tongue out and divorced her.

Last time someone called me childish I held my breath and went blue until they stopped.

That’ll learn 'em.

My wife only calls me childish when i’m awake. The rest of the time, I don’t hear her. I keep a sense of humor and childishness, it relieves stress. And just for the record, when I play with my kids’ toys it IS because I want to make sure they work. ::slight_smile:


Just how many times do you have to play with Legos to be sure?

Legos? That IS childish. I use Lincoln Logs only. :wink: