What do you think Ganda looks like ???

I have some ideas about how Ganda possibly would look like, he can be everything… ;D 88)

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Ha ha. Those are great pics. I’m sure ganda will enjoy them…

so, where are your pics? (:WIN)


<------------- Ganda? (:AGL)

<-------------------Ganda’s friend

<--------------Ganda’s Dinner

<His girlfriend. (:LGH)

yep, now it is for sure… GANDA is the most interesting forum member here… (:LGH)

i was thinking more like…




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hey hey hey, hmmfftt >:( >:( >:(
why don’t just post these to the usual place 88)

beside, this is me (:HUG)

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I’m sorry ganda, but i just can’t take you seriously when you use those " >:(" smileys. I picture you with that face and it makes me laugh every time.


Somehow I just knew Gandas’ picture would be the “Pitts” :slight_smile:
Cheers :■■■■
Xman 8)

Some people told me that they have seen Ganda in their neighborhood, and to back up their claims they send these pictures below to me. NOTE: the people said “the Ganda” creature can be shocking to view, so they warned the police and the police still has not managed to catch these strange creature… All people must remain in their homes for instructions… the Ganda creature changes very often, so he could be anything… Here is some footage of his recent appearance:

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