What do you think about this feature?

Running Defence Plus in paranoid mode with proactive security, when some times I get a lot of pop ups about a process accessing files/ folders or registry , I like to open process rights and make an allow rule for this process to acess files/ folders or registry. Currently it takes so many clicks to do this.

I want to have a button on pop up that will directly open the " process acess rights" window so that I can make Allow/ Block rules there and avoid further pop ups.


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+1 :-TU Yes please, this gives a much quicker access when configuring new apps…

Now you have to wait for an alert, let one be learned, wait for an other alert, open the policy, change the settings, apply 3 times, “uncheck” remember because otherwise it would duplicate rules, and repeat this same procedure for any other type of alert that causes multiple entries :frowning:

This would be very useful.



just do ist, very impressiv idea. :slight_smile:


A must.

The same should be offered to the firewall alerts.The option to create custom rules and use the alert info to populate the rule dialogs should be available.

Added to CIS3 wish list last year https://forums.comodo.com/graphical-user-interface-gui-wishlist/custom-rules-directly-from-alert-popups-t47575.0.html

And for D+ too.


Another very nice feature will be to create rules via log. You open the log events, right click a denied action and choose Allow to make an allow rule for it.

There are so many features that will make working with CFP very easy. I don,t know what is stopping the developers from adding these basic features. ??? ???

  • an option to search the rules by name rather than by whole path
  • a detailed log

Have you been playing with V4 already? Logging improved very much
It now also logs, Alerts displayed, Tasks Launched & Configuration changes

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Ohh… I just overlooked it. It was sort of hidden. Nice to know that. Very good really. thanks :-TU

This is an excellent idea.
A similar concept (see pics below) was posted in the usability forum (for mods only) a while ago. I hope Comodo incorporates this functionality into future releases.

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Yes, you reminded me of another feature, very usefull:

“Terminate option in the pop up”

It,s a must. I don,t know when they r going to read this thread. Sigh…

The overhaul of the interface is postponed to a build somewhere after the final. I guess finally it will get there. Hopefully this year.

yes some improvment for custome policy and Defense+ would be great.
cause if i create a predefined rule like Allow all Executables, the process will have just this rule, i can’t add new rules under like into the FW, would be nice if i could add many predefined rules for one process.
for the process, u have 3 rules or the custom policy, but why not make the custom policy easier by allowing all for one access right but still chose wich option u would still manage.
yes we need more choices in Defense+ alerts. at least one to set the custom policy a fast way.
and a rule that would kill the process and go into blocked files.
and is it possible for Defense+ to create a list of what would do the process if it had all the rights ?
maybe the sandbox will help on that ?
i’m agree with people about the Defense+ settings for the custom policy, we need a direct access from the first popup and chose allow all executables, or all for another setting but still custom for alerts that needs a special care, like a rule to always allow installation drivers for one process cant exist, and all others that need always an alert cause of the high risk to damage the system.
i would like also a Defense+ rule that block the process from accessing the network by any way possible.
cause even if a process is blocked in the FW, it can always use another way to access the network.