What do you think about this? [Closed]

Hello Comodo and all you happy users of this great security products! (B)

I user on wilderssecurity shared this information: 180 day free trial KIS 7 | Wilders Security Forums

What are you appinion about that?

Im shocked. But I can’t belive. Why would Comodo do such a thing?

Please tell me. It can’t be true? :cry:

I think you may have posted the wrong URL… that one goes to 180 day free trial KIS 7… and you can’t blame Comodo for that.

Sorry, (:SHY)


Here is the right one: http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?p=1052474

I’ve seen this type of claim more than once. I’m not aware of any such data passing between Comodo’s products & anywhere, in any direction. The most recent claim was that the MAC address (on every TCP header) was some how put there by CFP. But, then again… I don’t really like to dismiss anything… however… no evidence? What’s the point in the claim without it? So, if CFP (I assume) is doing this, where is the PCAP (Packet Capture) file to prove it.

Melih (the CEO) has also gone on record (more than once) stating that nothing like this takes place.

I’ve never belived it, but I would just hear your appinions. Because it will shock people.

But in the end, then I couldn’t imagine Comodo selling user information, when they are doing so much for trying to protecting it against everyone else.

To be honest there isn’t much to have an opinion on without the appropriate evidence. I don’t know this user, but I would be terribly suspicious of any such claims that were made without the supporting evidence.


Thinking forward, I wonder if this unique identifier could have anything to do with the application safelists.

AFAIK, the safelist is to be used co-operatively by CFP adn CAVS in a future release, and the UID could be used to determine what updates need to be sent to what users.


Im no kind of expert on this area. The only way I can call me an expert in combination with Comodo is because I helping on a forum when some users have problems with Comodo Firewall.

All the other stuff I don’t know anything about. I leave it up to you. ;D

I can’t believe there are people out there trying to create FUD while we are all busy creating top notch products to protect the masses! And all that without any credible evidence!


Hi Melih :slight_smile:
To dispel a bit more of the FUD, could you respond to Stems comment about the https connection to these forums going to google first?

I would need to know why the amount of data transfer, and why the HTTPS connection is first made to Google (

(btw- I don’t believe for second that Comodo is doing anything malicious with the UID info that may or may not exist, but the alleged connection to google-analytics does concern me, if true)

Thanks, qwerty. :slight_smile:


Google Analytics is a web log analysing software available for free from Google. These type of web log analysers analyse the health of a web site and pages (ask any web designer and they will explain what it is). Things like which pages are performing better etc. it has nothing to do with any personal information and its only information that you get from visiting any website.
there is nothing nasty going on. Lets look at it this way: why am I wasting my money building all these top notch products to do nasty stuff for it all to back fire? it makes no sense! We are so sensitive to our users, we don’t even send them emails promoting our own stuff! We even stopped asking for email addresses!!! Where as our competitors blasts them with advertising on their emails!

The bottom line is: Our success is hurting our competitors and they are throwing sh*t, hoping it would stick… well… it won’t! Because we Comodo is doing in providing top notch protection for free is a good cause and they can’t stop good people doing good things. Thats what I believe in!


Here’s what Google Analytics is, the Wikipedia way:

I myself wouldn’t think this about Comodo. Only an idiot would waste time and money.

Comodo Group is an American computer software company and SSL certificate provider based in Jersey City, New Jersey started in the year 1998. Comodo is currently the 2nd largest Certification Authority for ensuring Identity Trust & Assurance on the web

Okay, we have a 9 years old company, almost 10, being nice and giving us the best firewall avaliable.
Why would they ruin everything for themself by doing this after almost 10 years?
And according to Wikipedia, they got 300 employees, which would be a total waste of money.
Like with god, I won’t believe anything before I see evidence.


Hi Melih, and thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

Just to make clear, Comodo wasn’t what I was concerned about, Google was. (Their “privacy” policy isn’t exactly the strictest… cookies expire in 2038, etc)

Thanks, qwerty

Thanks for your all comments. I just wanted to point out, what other people want to spread about you.

But thanks. I don’t think there is more to discuss here. :slight_smile:

Then I’ll close this thread. For those interested (whether you already know or not), this topic has been continued here: https://forums.comodo.com/help/phoning_home-t11317.0.html