What do you think about Sandboxie!

Hey guys!

thought of giving Sandboxie a try! Just wanted to know how good/bad it is! Any feedback from the ppl who have used it/know about it!

thanks in advance,

Hey Damitha,

I tried Sandboxie and couldn’t really understand it. It was easy enough to run programs through it, it didn’t seem like a large memory hogging program etc, but I didn’t understand, if you ran something through it and wanted to save something to the disk, how would it deal with that? It was confusing and I am pretty confident that Comodo products are enough for me. Obviously nothing is going to keep eveything out, not matter how much you run on your machine and I decided that Sandboxie wasn’t worth keeping around. If you try it, let me know and I might try it again.

Matt Segstro

Hey Matt

Well it’s pretty easy to use. Follow the 4 step guide at their site! It just keeps every change (be it a file download or software installation) at a temporary location without actually writing it to hard disk and before closing the application u can import them to your hard disk!
It’s not that user friendly (the way it function) but i hope it gives you the expected protection!


ok, i might give it a shot soon. thanks

Matt Segstro

I used it for a while several months ago.
The documentation was for an earlier version with quite a few differences, ie: the help file didn’t help much.
Questions about this posed on the forum went unanswered.
Could not be confident in using it, not quite “techie” enough to work it out, so uninstalled.
Still, there appear to be many happy users, and maybe the issues I had have been resolved. The actual program seems to be an effective example of a sandbox.