what do you think about new Comodo Online Backup?

How does it compare to dropbox?
what is it missing?
what it has that dropbox doesn’t?

thank you for your feedback.


Very nicely done.

The ability to share a subfolder in the online storage space with other users would be nice. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Is this new Comodo Online Backup different that this one I have tried almost two months ago?
Because this was not good, I have a lot of trouble with COB. So it is really hard to say something good about Comodo Online Backup. Or maybe this new one is better?

Yes, it is a new version and is well worth a look. :wink:

  • Encrypted connection to http://online-backup.comodo.com/
  • “Get shareable link” (as it is called in Dropbox)
  • Unicode support (file names). If an uploaded file has an unsupported character in its name, it can’t be downloaded.
  • Open the uploaded files in the browser (if filetype is supported, e.g. images, video, audio).
  • It should recognise more filetypes (e.g. an uploaded WebM-videofile did not appear in Videos).
  • A more detailed progress bar when uploading files.
  • A version of the site for mobile devices.

These comments are based on using the service in Dragon (COB client is not installed).

Ok Ewen, thanx for info, so I will try it, why not :wink:

ok great, pls keep the requirements coming in…

did you see the client side app for this? its very cool!


There should be a separate context menu entry to “drop” files and folders, providing you have logged into the desktop client. This would be sort of a background “drop” into the Dropbox.

The current Online Backup context entry invokes Comodo Backup with a backup type of Online.

Ewen :slight_smile: