What do you think about EeePC?

Err… Just wondering. With the netbook fever caused by ASUS EeePC, I’d like to ask opinions from Comodo 'bout EeePC. So, please free to post your opinion about it.

For starters, IMHO:

  1. EeePC is great way to study 'bout Linux. (Although, not 100%)
  2. EeePC with Linux forces its user to either switch OS to Windows or learn 'bout Linux
  3. EeePC makes the user to manage data storage more efficiently
    (It’s a personal opinion, because I got the 20 GB EeePC 900)

Well, I guess that’s it for the positive parts. For the negative parts,… Better not talk about it. Since it’ll discourage people who want to buy a EeePC

Get MSI U100

More HDD space
Comes with WindowsXP Home

Works great.

The reason why I bought Linux EeePC, because I’m a little bored with Windows and I want to try something new. :SMLR

I’ll admit that MSI Wind will give more, so did Acer Aspire One and Dell Netbook, though. Thanks for the reply.

The MSI Wind runs fine with Linux on it aswell. Though not custom like EEEPC but out of the box Linux.

Yeah, Install Windows Home XP (Or Pro) And Install Linux So you can have a dual Boot… then Get MAC On A Stick :slight_smile: