What do you know about "Process Guard"?

Does anyone know anything about “Process Guard”?
The link to the author’s site doesn’t work for me. What lead me to this was a process terminator mentioned in another thread that completely killed everything except Comodo… would the Process Guard be of any added value with Comodo or would it hurt things???

Looks like the web site is down. I recall from some 5 or so years ago I tried it.

It has two versions a free version and a paid version. I guess it is like Comodo’s Defense + a Hostbased Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS). Process Guard’s paid version offers more protection than the free version. I can only assume, as the web site is down, that Comodo’s Defense Plus offers more protection for free than Process Guard would.

DiamondCS, the company that produced ProcessGuaed and Port Explorer, went under some time ago. They used to have support forums hosted at Wilders, but they vanished owing a lot of people money.

Well, it don’t work on my system any way. All it does it error out while loading - so I could even it check out.