What do you eat for breakfast?

So what do you usually eat after getting out from bed?


Sandwich, man, not all of us are americans. :smiley:

Yuk! I hope you wash them thoroughly first.

BTW Why oatmeal and tea?

of course then i boil them, after that everyone know that a pinch of salt in the noob stew makes it better

I assume you prepare this the night before? Since that sounds like way too much work (and noise) for first thing in the morning. :slight_smile:

i dont do anything all day so i gots alot of time and i just put my zune on and let the music flow through me it helps with the screams

I usually have some cereal. Or homemade pancakes, or eggs/grits/toast.

I can’t catch enough noobs. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW…no breakfast is bad for you.

me too, I have a sandwhich, usually pita bread/ homda made bread with mustard, cheese and some kind of meat ( salami, baloney, or some kind of german wurst).

In the morning?! Yuck.

yeah, it keeps you from being hungry in 1 hour again. Mainly becasue meat is harder to digest, you stay fuller and after sleeping all night protein is needed in the morning.

exactly why i eat noobs

Hmm…I don’t really get hungry. Sometimes, if I haven’t eaten, I feel empty but it doesn’t bother me. I just sometimes say I’m hungry as an excuse for eating something good. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do sometimes get gas pains if I haven’t eaten in a while, which, I assume, come from all the stomach acids having nothing to “acidize” but my stomach walls. 88)


Can you please add “Trolls” to the list? :smiley: >:-D :P0l

Not sure those are tasty
… but you can be more specific & … I probably 88) may try ;D

I went with eggs but I put hot sauce on mine… :-TU

Two sandwiches untoasted peanut butter (crunchy) and strawberry jam. But the real mystery here is what does Ganda eat? :smiley:

He wanted to eat me, but my type of life (or DNA or whatever) and his are so different he would probably feel sick after the meal.

Cus thats how you eat it - who would eat oatmeal without tea? I can’t imagine that happening… It would be like eating a hamburger without the burger every morning: