What do u see?

Hi all (:WAV)

Just a bit of lighthearted nonsense, but what do u see FIRST?


Shot at 2007-08-07

Where’s the option ‘both’? ;D



Technically, I see both as the others. If only you didn’t give us the clues to both answers, then my real answer is the first image I saw: rabbit. You should’ve specified/emphasized first.

What’s the rabbit doing with his paws?

Ewen, please start a new thread on that question…it may be a little inappropriate for some audiences 88) ;D…

That’s what happened, when a wabbit meets Paul’s mother-in-law.

“Hey, Paul. Get your arse back here!”

Obviously not for wisanggeni (:CLP)

Hi all

Sorry for the missleading post (as pointed out by soya) (:CLP). I have now ammended the post as above to what do u see first?

:Beer everyone

To answere panics question, the rabbit is obviously scratching the ducks back? :o

Holding on to his carrot. ;D

Duck. Wha’d I win?


I see a duck first, then rabiit 10 seconds later … 8)

Nice, it was driving me crazy i could not see the rabbit. But i did.