"What Do These Settings Do" and "Help" CFP 3 Crash [Merged]

Comodo V, Vista 32 bit O.S.
1.after opening the main Comodo Interface, then going to the Miscellaneous tab, then clicking on the “settings”, no matter which tab is used, if i click the “what do these settings do”, Comodo shuts down completely, it is gone from process list and is not running, if i click the desktop icon the program restarts just fine.

2.Also on the Miscellaneous tab, clicking “Help” also shuts Comodo down completely

hope the pictures helps!

added after original post and more testing
basically ANY time i click “what do these settings do” on ANY part of the program, Comodo dies, on almost every part of the program it has “what do these settings do” and on my end they ALL kill the program.
not a major bug, but could cause problems if it happens to someone and they do not notice program has shut down.

this happened to me too :THNK

Same problem. The help window appears for an instant then the whole program dies. I thought this was fixed in the new update because it worked once for me (first thing I checked), but it seems to be doing it again.


Runnining Vista Home Premium 32bit

You may want to have this thread reopened so the problem can be further analyzed and let them know the bug has not been totally fixed.


Vista, Vista 32,Avast!
Both of these just bring up the Comodo help file for me

when I try to open the Help files “what do these settings do” in any of the applications, the whole program crashes!
Anybody have any ideas?
Thanks :-\

I just read about this somewhere… it is a known bug and they are working on fixing it i believe…

It was supposed to have been fixed in 268, some people are still having this problem.
You may want to have this thread reopened so the problem can be further analyzed and let them know the bug has not been totally fixed.


Al…I read that thread you referred to…Hmmm
And I do have version 268

figured there would be more said of this issue? :-\

This is clearly still a bug/issue for many of us and needs to be resolved. Something this simple as CFP attempting to call it’s own help file “crashing” the firewall…what other simple actions, by CFP or another program, will inexplicably crash the firewall and leave the system unprotected?

I am affected by this bug attempting to access ‘help’, ‘what do these settings do?’ from anywhere within the interface, and nearly every time (not every, but pretty ■■■■ close) I click the ‘waiting for your review’ link off the summary page to view pending files in Defense+.

I’m running version 268 on Vista Ultimate 32bit wth McFee Total Protection for Small Business v4.5.0.464 Patch 002 (without the firewall module installed).

When can we expect more public information on this issue from Comodo, and ultimately a fix?

Answered here.


When I pressed F1 while looking at My Pending Files, I got a notice that the cfp.hlp file could not be found (because there is no Old Windows hlp file, but a new .chm file, of course). You need to do a global search on your code and fix all the references to .hlp!

Moreover, when I click on “what do these settings do” in several contexts (including Defense+ Settings), the program simply CRASHES completely. I am now afraid to ask for help in your BADLY CRIPPLED “help system”! Somebody needs to go over the whole program and see that asking for help in ANY PLACE does not crash but actually gives meaningful help.

The program seems to work well, other than the horribly crippled help system.

(By the way, I am running XP Pro with 3GB RAM and all is well with my system.)

this is a known problem and fixed, will be available in a new patch next week.
thank you

Wow fast. I am guessing egemen reads all the bug reports and fixes them but does not close/delete the thread. Could this be done Melih so it is more organized or is it a waste of time for egemen?

Hello there,

I like to report a bug.
When i jump to the section “My pending files” and i click left botom item
"What do these settings do?
Comodo is crashing



[b]1. CPU (32 bit or 64 bit) 2. Operating System information (including Service Pack Version) 3. Actively-running security and utility applications 4. Specific symptoms of the bug, and steps you can take to reproduce it. 5. Specific steps you have taken to try to resolve it. 6. If you pc reboots or you have a BSOD post in [url=https://forums.comodo.com/help_for_v3/bsods_please_add_your_minidump_files_here-t14909.0.html]BSODs: Please add your minidump files here[/url][/b]


We are trying :slight_smile:
Our mod squad is helping with that too.
So far everything is under control and we have identified the bugs that cause issues on some machines and we have fixed them…next week we should have a version that should be much smoother for those had problem with it.


Known problem. Should be fixed in the next bug patch.


actually its not entirely the same issue, aftwer reinstalling it went away, but now i get a totally different error, but as said in other thread, i’m not worried about this issue, its a small issue.