What do these events mean? / GUI

One might be larger than the other:



1–My log never worked till this last update. Suddenly I see over 900 of these blocked items with the red circle, just from tonight. (I know what the yellow ones are.) The source is my modem-router, and the destination is this computer’s IP. I looked up ICMP Protocol, but it’s too technical. What’s being blocked here?

2-- I’ve used other security programs, and the GUI’s on this one are confusing. Is Proactive Security the same as Defense+, and is it for blocking spyware and malware other than viruses? (I already have Avast Anti-Virus for that.)

3–The newest update wiped out some IP’s I had in my Blocked Network Zone. I’m not happy about having had to reconfigure those.

I think you should turn off logging in rules for Window Operating System

I was logging because I haven’t been using the program very long, and found tonight that some of my settings had been wrong since the beginning.

That takes me back to the problem of the multiple GUI’s. Where are the log settings to turn off? :o

Change firewall rules for Windows Operating System. Some connectins for it blocked in your rules. Edit blocking rules, there is checkbox “Log …” (I don’t know exactly, I use Russian version) ( :o broken english detected)

Then I need help from someone who has a better command of English.

I’ve finally found the logging option and turned it off, but that doesn’t explain what rule I should or shouldn’t have, as I’ve set NONE so far, and what the ICMP protocol is.