What do i do

In defense plus I had 847 files for my review, I went to look at them and them purged and the number went down to 247 which was great, then I checked all the files off and submitted to Comodo for review. Now I did this about a week ago, when do I get information back and how do I get the number of files to review to zero. I have installed on 2 machines, 1 is running perfectly and the other one I can’t seem to get any information back on the files I submitted, they all say modified, what I do next.

Plus on the summary page my system status says the Defense plus is not functioning properly, I hit run diagnostics and it says it can not fix all the problems and asks me if I want to save the report, I did and put it on my desktop, now what do I do with the report and how do I get my system screen to say Defense + function working properly. In my bottom toolbar, I have the shield turned white with a red circle with a horizontal line going through it, how do I fix these problems and do I address my modified files after I have submitted to Comodo. Looking forwards for an answer,

Regarding Purging Files, You can delete them once they have been submitted, As long as all the files were submitted.

About Defense+, A reinstall may be necessary. Be sure to download and install the latest version of CIS. If you need help with incompatible software that may be conflicting with Defense+ that are running on startup, Please list them here and myself or some one else will help you resolve that.