What do all the different Comodo startup applications do?

After doing a lot of firewall research to replace the newly crippled ZoneAlarm Pro, I was very surprised to learn that the Comodo Firewall was not only the very best available, it was free as well! Whoo hoo!

Since I already had a very good anti-virus/anti-malware system tweaked to fit exactly what I wanted (as well as the fact that the testing source I trust the most – AV Comparatives – had nothing to say about Comodo’s anti-virus software), I didn’t want the full Comodo Internet Security package. I just wanted the firewall.

I’ve only been running it a few days, but I’m very happy with it so far! For just one thing that’s very important to me, Comodo Firewall has the ability to temporarily block all internet activity, which ZoneAlarm Pro incredibly stupidly stopped providing >:(

Anyway, to my questions. Once the Comodo free firewall was installed, I found three new startup entries (I’m running 32-bit XP Pro/SP3):

  • [b]COMODO CLPSLA.exe
  • [b]CPA VALA.exe
  • [b]COMODO Inernet Security cfp.exe -h

What are the first two, and do I need all three since I only want to run the firewall?

Do I need to run “Geek Buddy” or whatever else the others are all the time?

What does the “-h” switch do?

I like to run a tight ship without luxuries or seldom-used background apps, so I’m wondering which of these I can stop from running at startup.

Thanks for your help with this!

Hi Huzer,
The first two are to do with live support (Geek buddy), if Geek buddy is not required you could remove it completely via the Control panel Add/Remove programs without affecting the Firewall.

The “-h” switch is to start Comodos GUI minimized.
If you show processes from all users you should also have cmdagent.exe running which is a critical process for the firewall to function.
cfp.exe is Comodos GUI which needs to be running to get alerts etc.

Kind regards.

Dear Captain, My Captain, You should be promoted! :wink:

Many thanks for your prompt and very helpful reply!

I’m definitely going to like this place as much as I like the software…


  • Huzer

Hi Huzer,
Thank you for your kind words, my promotion already happened a while back. :wink:

Glad that helped and welcome to Comodo, enjoy.
Kind regards.