What did comodo do to my computer!?!?

After installing Comodo firewall x64 with the HIPS protection, it completely made my computer almost unusable. It did something to all my file permissions. I could not even load the program because I got an error “you do not have permissiion to run this program”. I could not load any browser to get help. niether firefox NOR Internet explorer would open!! I could not change the permissions at all because of another error “insufficient privliges to change privledges” I could not even open the Control panel to uninstall Comodo and I could not even shutdown windows! When I tried to shutdown or reboot windows said “You not have permission to shutdown or reboot this computer”. ??? ??? ??? :-TD

I’m running Vista Ultimate x64 and with Kaspersky antivirus. Antivirus also detected that you tried to install adware “mywebsearch” with the program. Now that’s what I call BOLD.

6/13/2008 1:09:21 AM Deleted: not-a-virus:AdTool.Win32.MyWebSearch.cz cfpconfg.exe C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall\s1.tmp

6/13/2008 1:09:20 AM Detected: not-a-virus:AdTool.Win32.MyWebSearch.cz cfpconfg.exe C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall\s1.tmp

You have probably inadvertently blocked either wininit.exe or explorer.exe, which launch the other processes. There are some confusing popups that cause this to happen fairly often, and Comodo is looking a redesign to help this. Only solution I have heard is to uninstall in safe mode then reinstall again. The “Virus” is the ask toolbar, which should be unchecked at installation when it asks about Comodo Memory Firewall so that it is not installed.