What could possibly be the reason..........

Anyone have any idea why my Comodo Firewall Pro V3.14…(Paid Version) said it had an update, it would then guide me to a download that would then uninstall all of my settings (which took hours to set up the way I wanted them) and my License. Then proceed to install V4… (Free Version) with no settings other than constant pop-ups every time I do something or surf somewhere? Where oh where did my settings go and why would they and my paid license not be transferred during the set-up to the new version. This is most upsetting.
Hey MOD GUY I tried to be nice about it this time, unfortunately it is quite frustrating when a lot of time and work is just wiped out and what I paid for does no longer seem to be worth anything. >:(

If you would have stated your post in a nicer matter, like this one, someone would have been able to help you already. When you update to v4.1, CIS saves a copy of your 3.14 config. Please see here.

Nice is not always possible sorry to say.
So now that the configuration issue is resolved, thanks by the way to all that had a hand in it.
On to the other issue, my license that I paid for???

pro version download:

32 bit http://download.comodo.com/cis/download/installs/standalone/cispro_installer_x86.exe

64 bit http://download.comodo.com/cis/download/installs/standalone/cispro_installer_x64.exe

Why would the update be to a free version when I had the pro version of Comodo Firewall installed.
Anyway the last link provided seems to be for Comodo Internet Security which I believe is anti-virus as well. All I had was the pro version of the firewall. I do not want to uninstall this again as this is what it wants to do before I install CIS only to find I do not have the license for CIS.

This thread explains the differences. Note the Software Suite is the same in all versions.

If you paid you were NOT paying for the software,
but for support (which I believe is both on-line and telephone).

Why did you not use the support you paid for ?