What Comodo Products?


I started this poll to see what Comodo Security Products that you use. I use both the Firewall and Antivirus. What do you use? Looking forward for your votes and replies.

This poll will close 1 week (7 Days) from when it started.



I am using the

  1. Personal Firewall and

  2. e-Mail Certificates (digital signatures and encryption).

Both are really the best I’ve ever used and I’ve tried a bunch of them over the long years.

If, when Anti-Virus comes out of beta and shows it is as capable as the two programs I am currently using … then no doubt I’ll switch to their AV as well.


I edited the poll answers to help out people who use the SSL certificate and other products!


I’m using both, as well as the other products in my signature.

I use antivirus,firewall,i-vault,anti spam,back-up (S)

Come on! If you haven’t voted then vote!

Hi All,
I use Firewall, Anti-Virus and Back-up. After checking for a few days with programs from others I now run them solely.

Less then 1 day left to vote, if you haven’t voted yet please do so.

I use the firewall but i still got some problems with it: nevermind, these guys seems to solve it, i like this!

Verification engine: i wonder when i’ll need this (B)

I also use the Backup program but unfortunetly, that’s also not the best i’ve ever used.


Well the vote closed with only 14 votes :cry: hopefully the next poll will have more votes, just look at the top of this topic for the final poll results.

I had voted “firewall only” at the time… but since then I have installed a digital e-mail cert and am moments away from CAV as well… so over time, I’d bet the bottom poll option will most likely reach 100% for all who voted… CAV + CPF + Other


I will open a new poll just like this one in the future and we can compare results :wink: