What Comodo Products do you use?


Well I made a poll like this a few months ago and I said I would make another one soon. Well now here it is, I am interested to know what Comodo Products the users on these forums here use. There are many new members here on the forums so now they can vote in this poll!

Weill I will start off, I use the Personal Firewall, the Antivirus/Spyware, and the E-mail Certificates.

For now, only the Personal Firewall…

When I will have some time, I will take a look at the Email Certificates…
Waiting for Opera support on VerificationEngine.

For me CPF, CAVS, V-Engine, Backup and iVault. :wink:


I’m installing VE now :smiley:

At the moment I’m just using CPF. But, since I’m using the CPF beta, I will not try CAVS (also beta). Testing 2 beta’s, at the same time, is not normally something I do.

I tried VE for a couple of days. But, I uninstalled it a few hours ago. I’ll now run without VE for a few days & then try it again. I’m doing this to verify any impact on my system.

Using CAV (realtime), CPF, & VE. I have installed Backup, but need to spend time to train it with my backup scripts to replace my current robocopy batch files (syncing files to DVD-RAM media)… so not using it yet.

Will use i-Vault when Firefox support added.

I use the CPF, the spam, the backup. My anti-virus has been great to me, fix it utilities and have used it for years, never had a virus and the virus engine is supremely fast. I am anxious to find an excuse to one day say, oh well, now I use Comodo anti-v, lol. I love comodo products so not having the anti-v doesn’t seem right. I will be putting it on my son’s pc tomorrow though.

Paul (B)

Come on keep the votes coming ;D

I use CPF and CAV, been thinking about trying some of the other products. (R)


Doh! I forgot to mention that I am using a free Comodo E-mail Certificate!


I’m also using the Comodo E-mail Certificate :wink:

Great :stuck_out_tongue:

On this laptop, currently using Comodo BackUp only. On my desktop, I have CPF on. Not that I don’t like other Comodo products but I have McAfee Security Suite on this laptop and Norton System Works there. ;D Guess I will wait till next year (when my subsciption expires) before I make my laptop Fully Secured by Comodo. Hehe. Seriously, I love the Firewall, have been using it for only 3 days and already loving it. Beats ZA hands down…

Yours truly,

CPF for now, perhaps CAV in the future.

Only 14 votes?!?!?!? ??? ??? ??? Come on I know there are more then just 14 users out there!

Hehe Justin, may be you can make an announcement in every thread and ask users to vote in here. :stuck_out_tongue: Just joking.

Lol no that would be spamming :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok then, how many times can we vote? ;D

1 Vote per member :slight_smile:

It looks as if the CPF is in the lead. If anyone asks if a firewall is important or not, or if someone states it’s not, just have them look at the polls. To be honest, I like these polls and think there should be more. So, do you reset these every so often then? How about a “who’s your favorite admin” poll, loll. I think Comodo users could have fun with that one. ;D