What Comodo processes should be running in task manager (cmdagent.exe not showing up)

i only see cfp.exe running in the task manager. is that all that should be running?

You should have cmdagent.exe as well, which is the real CIS that protects you (cfp.exe is just the GUI).


i don’t have cmdagent in the task manager. what do i do?

I recently reinstalled CIS and can only find cfp.exe running but not cmdagent.exe. what should i do? i have had nothing but problems since i upgraded to the latest version. i have vista home premium 32 bit with no service pack.

i am using the latest .427 CIS but the cmdagent.exe is not appearing in task manager only cfp.exe. what can i do? i am tired of uninstalling it. i have used revo uninstaller but it gave me the wrong registry keys to delete so im lost.

Check if the COMODO Internet Security Helper Service is running (Administrative Tools → Services). If something is wrong here, you may have to reinstall CIS. Doesn’t Windows Security Center warn you? It should, because if cmdagent isn’t running, you have no firewall nor antivirus.


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cmdAgent is running when i go to services tab in the task manager but not in the processes tab.

Never saw a Services tab in Task Manager? Do you have Vista?

You can test if your firewall works by running the leak test. Download from this post.


i am running windows vista 32 bit home premium with the CIS .427. when i go to the task manager i see a processes tab and a services tab. the cmdagent was only in the services tab and not in the processes tab. only cfp.exe was in the processes tab.

lizard777, do you have “show processes from all users” checked in Task Manager?

thanks sded i just checked it and it is there. also when i downloaded the leaktest zip folder i scaned it with Avira Antivir and it detected it as a keylogger. here is the report.

[0] Archive type: ZIP
→ plugins/BITS.dll
[DETECTION] Contains recognition pattern of the SPR/KeyLogger.MN program
→ plugins/Coat.dll
[DETECTION] Contains HEUR/Malware suspicious code
[NOTE] The file was deleted!

End of the scan: Sunday, November 16, 2008 14:52
Used time: 00:47 Minute(s)

The scan has been done completely.

  0 Scanning directories
 40 Files were scanned
  1 viruses and/or unwanted programs were found
  1 Files were classified as suspicious:
  1 files were deleted
  0 files were repaired
  0 files were moved to quarantine
  0 files were renamed
  0 Files cannot be scanned
 38 Files not concerned
  1 Archives were scanned
  0 Warnings
  1 Notes

Same thing here, cmdAgent is running when I go to services tab in the task manager but not in the processes tab.

Since you have Windows Vista, when you are on the Processes tab, click on the ‘Show processes from all users’ tab down in the lower left-hand corner of the Task Manager window. If you have UAC turned on, it will prompt you for permission to continue. Click on the ‘Continue’ button. Then cmdagent.exe will show up in your processes list.

Larlyles, CLT is by no way a keylogger, It is a false positive from AVIRA.
You are safe to run it and test how your firewall performs.

What does your statement have to do with my answer to why lizard777 wasn’t seeing cmdagent.exe in the Vista Task Manager Processes list? I was explaining how to get cmdagent.exe to show up in the Processes list on a Vista machine with UAC enabled. That had nothing to do with lizard777’s other statement about Avira Antivirus detecting the leaktest zip folder as a keylogger.

Typo, it was meant to be directed to lizard777.

I have tried all that and I can’t cmdAgent in the processeses tab.