what,,comodo is now more then just a free firewall ?,,,help please


hmmmmmmm,this is now a free firewall and an antivirus ?,was it always this way ?.

i already have an antivirus,i just want the firewall.

can one install this with out the safe search thing?.

can i turn the antivirus off ?,i already have a antivirus.

i still have comodo version ,lol.

i always wanted to update ,then i get distracted and poooof it changed big time again.

Yes, Yes and Yes.

You can install Just the firewall if you want or Firewall+CAVS CIS. What I think you should do is install CIS and disable real time scanning from CAVS3. You can do still schedule scans and right click scans but It won’t interfeer with your AV :slight_smile:

Bt, Whats the AV your using now?

Also, kissbaby would have to temporarily disable the current antivirus until CAV real time scanning has been disabled, to be sure that no immediate conflict arises after installing CIS.



ok,cool advice .
my antivirus i’m using as of right now is
AVG fre 8.0.176

some of my pc spects
dell dimension 2400
windows XP home SP3
1 gig of ram
windows 32 bit

new avg free
old version comodo firewall
spybot search and distroy
spyware blaster
ad-aware(it dont do nothing till i use it)

so this is what i do ?.

so i go downwload the new version of comodo firewall.
un-install the old version and make sure no leftovers are on or in my pc.
and my registry(i know how to that part).

dis-able my current antivirus temporarily so there are no

go ahead and install new version of comodo fire wall.
put it through its updates,but dont do a scan afterwards.

now since i dont want to un-install my avg free antivirus,
i just disable the antivirus part of the comodo firewall.

is this what you are saying so far,am i missing anything here.
i still dont want the safe search thing installed,avg free has that
so i dont want to install it .

avg free antivirus has changed its antivirus program,so now it does more stuff.
you should check it out. http://free.avg.com/
just so you know what to say when us need help with our comodo.

yep :■■■■

err, no need to i guess, but go ahead if you want to. :stuck_out_tongue:

when you’re installing, there will be option to choose what part of CIS you want to install. (AV or Firewall or both).
you can skip the scanning process if you’re sure your comp is clean.but it is recommended to do the scanning just to make sure. (scanning doesn’t mean you’ll install the AV)

no need to,the AV won’t be installed if you choose to install the firewall part only upon installation

oh sorry, if you plan to install full CIS & disable the AV part. then your mentioned steps will do fine.
safe search ??? you mean safesurf? you can untick the safesurf option when you’re installing.

I agree with Ganda. & also… SafeSurf provides protection from buffer overflow attacks\driveby downloads. Avg doesn’t provide protection by Buffer overflows.