What Cities and sites to see this coming week !

My daughter is about to complete a study abroad program via shiip. The program is called “Scholar Ship” and started in Honk Kong and will end in the Netherlands this Saturday April 19th. Next fall it will start in the Netherlands and end in Hong Kong.

She and 2 or 3 friends are planning to stay 1 to 2 days in Amsterdam, then a visits to England Scotland and Irland.
Her last letter that was the order of the visits. Her friend had someone they could stay with in England, we are not sure where?

Thought there may be activities occuring that you might recommend they see. And if you have any recommendations for hostels. Again the question is which cities and when. Not sure how much of their budget they have left.

I will email her any suggestions late tonight or early tomorrow morning. Also any scams to be aware of !

She celebrated her 21st birthday on ship between Thailand and India.

Thanks for any suggestions.


The absolute must see in England is the British Museum in London. Not only is half of the ancient world reassembled there, but the Brits believe in letting the populace get close to all of it. The Rosetta Stone, for example, was in the lobby with a couple of velvet ropes around it last time I was there. I went every time I was in London, still didn’t see all of it. The most comfortable place to see Egypt and India these days, as well as Greece, Rome, … Highly recommended if she can take the time for a train to London. :slight_smile:

If shes coming over to Blighty while on her way from London to Scotland, check out one of the northern cities,Manchester,Liverpool or Leeds have a huge student population and shell find the people are a lot warmer then down south.Scotland has some of the nicest scenery around,id advise her to give Glasgow a miss Edinburgh is much nicer. Ireland,well what can i say about there!Dublin is one of the best places ive been,the ■■■■■(not the drug) as they call it over there is second to none,and you`ll find she comes back loving Guinness. :■■■■

When shes in the UK tell her to make sure if she gets a taxi cab,that its got a sign on top that way you know its legal theres a lot of unlicensed guys punting.


Thank you for your replies. I have emailed both your recommendations. And if any more members of the Comodo Forums have any I will also email them.

Late Friday early early Saturday morning will probably be the last opportunity.

Thank you again