What Causes Comodo Ver. 4 To Go Into Block All Mode

Win XP SP3. Comodo ver. 4.1.150349.920.

What would cause Comodo firewall to go into “block all” mode?

I have been using Comodo firewall and Defense+ for well over a year and never had this happen. Two days ago, I was on my PC in the evening and my Internet connection went down. So thinking it was the DSL modem/router, I reset that and still no connection. I ran WIN XP network diagnostics and it say a possible Winsock2 issue. So I let diagnostics rebuild Winsock. Still no connection.

I then reboot out of desperation and Comodo finds a new network - APPIA 168.xxx.xxx.xxx. Humm, still no clue what is going on. By chance, I left click on Comodo icon on the toolbar and check firewall status and it’s in block all mode! OK… So I reset it to custom policy which is what it was previously and all is fine.

I now check Comodo’s firewall log for any kind of denial of service activity and see nothing unususal in the firewall log. Ditto for the Defense+ event log - nothing unusual.

The only thing that occured at the same time the firewall ending up in block all mode was that a Prevx auto update took place around the time Comodo firewall went haywire.

Are there problems with Prevx SafeOnline update and Comodo?

You get an IP address in APPIPA range (169.x.y.z) when your computer does not see a network connection or does not see a DHCP server to get an IP from.

May be your modem/router spontaneously rebooted and could not be reached during that time. See if the problem returns.