What can I do about...?(CLOSE)

Hello ,
I was very happy to download the software mentioned up here…
but I did on a limited account , a second one on my machine…
So I can’t install it, you need to be an administrator!

I’m registred and got my activation code ; The question:
Can I register again on my administrator account ???and
download it again from this account?

I would really like to use it.

Thank you so much,
(excuse my english) ???

Hello Ramo27,

Can you simply not logon as Administrator and run the downloaded install file again?

If you did not save the downloaded file to your system, simply logon as Administrator, download the file again and use the registration code you have already received. It will still work with the second downloaded file :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

[color=green]Thank you.

I was scare that being registred once on one account
I would be refused on a second registration ( second account),
with the same email addy, but everything is ok.
So I’m using it on my “administrator” account and on my
“Limited one”.

Have a good weekend! (:WAV)


Reason: Out-Dated post.