What can attack you?

We know that Files are the main things that can “attack” and cause damage. Afterall it is them who needs access to CPU to get executed.

But now the way these get delivered are changing. Websites can attack you, Email clients can attack you etc etc.

So i want to start creating a list of “Things that can attack you”

pls help create this list

1)files (executable files)

what else?.. lets build it together

Infected USB drives handed out at security conferences. (:LGH)


Hackers/crackers :-TD

Everything has a potential to attack or protect…

So, Just listing everything is basically nothing?

… but … Malware {Infected Hardware, Software) (Creation) , People (Hackers, Crackers, Scrippters), Anything…

my aim in trying to come up with a list so that we can all work together in identifying how we can protect ourselves from these attack vectors and what tools to utilise.


Hackers - Firewall
Virus - Anti- Virus
Malware - Anti - Malware

but What comodo has taught me is to prevent
so Basically
Port HIPS to Allow the user to choose what to connect and where, but also this firewall was supposed to do this…
Application HIPS to Prevent a Program to do something it’s not supposed to…

Port - Connects To the World…
Program - Connects To The Computer…

What else do you need?

Detection in case the worst happens?
Well Anti-Malware or Anti Everything should do well…

100% Prevention…
100% Detection
100% Trust in The User/Customers Self =
100% Protection