What can anyone do with your IP address?

I was just wondering what can people do with your IP address especially the bad guys on the internet :P0l ?

Endless possibilities. Learn where you live, track your sensitive data (PC data and phone numbers, etc), attack your computer (to take control over it), use your IP address for dodgy things without you ever knowing after which the police can come and arrest you for it. Try to prove them it was not you. Scary hey?

Will the bad guys who discover your IP address and know your location actually take the time to come to your house to do something bad to you? examples: kidnapping, ■■■■■■, extortion, etc.

Yes, scary indeed.

But what do you do to avoid it?

If you have something they want yes.

You have many tools which can hide your IP online. You can also use proxy and VPN to hide or change your IP.

Having said that let me break it down for you before you panic…

Learn where you live (Most of the bad guys can’t exactly point out where you live. They only know general location. Only law enforcement agencies can. But it depends with whom you dealing with. Rare risk)

Track your sensitive data (PC data and phone numbers, etc) (PC data can only get accessed by hacking anyway IP address just making it easier to know where to look. Phone numbers is not that easy to obtain via IP address but possible. Rare risk)

Attack your computer (to take control over it) (It is much more easy to attack your PC by knowing your IP address. Once the attack is launched you hope and pray that your security will fail. Medium risk)

Use your IP address for dodgy things without you ever knowing after which the police can come and arrest you for it. (If you using such things as TOR that’s where it comes into the game. Since in the dark web you have pro hackers they can use your IP to access illegal files. And since law enforcement are on it they can only really trace the IP address to you. But if illegal files are not on your PC after the police gets it. You walk away free but not stress free. Medium risk)

One more thing. I don’t hide my IP address and I use real one. Never had a problem with it. I was talking in theory anyway so relax and take it easy :smiley:

So, if I’m a spamreporter and I report scammers and criminals who put their messages in my email box and I have Gmail, which hides my real IP address, even if they’ve discovered I’ve kicked them off of the ISP they are trying to hide behind, they can’t find me to try to get ‘revenge’ because they don’t know my real IP address because gmail hides this information?

Ha ha ha LOL! I’m talking about next level not such low level what you doing. They won’t do kidnapping, ■■■■■■ or use extortion in your case LOL!

When bad people get an ip address


When they meet COMODO

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If anyone gets your IP address, they will search your details by visiting online sites like Ip-details.com. This gives the information of your Service provider, IP location and Country etc… Mainly the Bad guys would get into your IP address and try to hack your Information given. There may be some possibilities to use your IP address for any other purpose in Internet.

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