what brand and type of cd is best for comodo backup use.

Hi Folks. Have downloaded comodo backup exe. At cd freaks frum, verbatim is the popular choice in a cd-rw.

Believe comodo backup required a cd-rw. That right?

Verbatim OK, or some other cd/cd-rw?

Basically, at this point, want to backup all that I can on a CD, any suggestions?

Thanks much, Diligent

Verbatim is good. It basically comes down to ‘what do you like to use?’. I have also had good success with Memorex and Maxwell.

Thanks John. Forgot to mention I had bad experience with memorex dvd’s on my a1010n HP–meaning they just did not work–period. But verbatim seems to work ok for you when using comodo backup, right?

yes. again, personal choice of what works for you.

OK John. Really appreciate your time and thoughts. My Best, Diligent.

Btw, diligentinquirer, welcome to the Forum.

Thanks John! Diligent.