What Blacklists Does IE Use

I would like to know if IE uses any 3rd party blacklists or if they just create it themselves.

Does anyone know?


Hi Chiron,
This is a good question.
Taken from the Smart screen filter FAQs from this page the following quote sounds like they create it themselves with some outside 3rd party help.

SmartScreen Filter only blocks sites that have been verified as unsafe sites by reviewers at Microsoft or by employees at third-party data providers.

Does anyone know who these mysterious third-party data providers might be? :smiley:

3rd party data providers must definitely be the Internet service providers all over the world that are partners with Microsoft and exchange information about harmful sites
other than that i have no idea :frowning:

I’m a dedicated Firefox user, but from time to time I use IE when needed. I get my blacklist / block lists here :


I use the Bluetack lists mainly

It uses smart screen filter that dtects and blocks malicious downloads.
This website might have an answer

The problem is that I am trying to figure out how to submit the site to them without forcing users to open IE, navigate to the page, and then report it. I’m trying to find a way for them to report dangerous sites to Microsoft either through a from, via email, etc…

So far I haven’t found any options like that.

Thank you.

They have a customer support forum of sorts. Maybe you can find what you are looking for there?