What av would you use if free didn't exist

If all internet security and antivirus programs were paid for versions only and no free available, what would you use? I think I would personally still use CIS at this stage. Thanks

Hm. Of course, I’d try to get my money’s worth. So I’ll place my money on two products: ESET’s Nod32, or Avast Pro. :smiley: Suppose that my allocation for computer security is around $50, I still have ten dollars or so to spare. I’d use that probably to buy myself something to eat. The rest, I can get for free. :stuck_out_tongue: AV’s are all that I’ll need (considering that I already know pretty much everything that I should see in MY computer when I open up my task managers). O0

I would use CIS :slight_smile: Best there is :smiley:


I assume by AV you actually mean security program.

In that case I would still use CIS, but don’t take that as incentive to no longer make it free. ;D

I’d use CIS


I don’t care if it’s home or business. free or pay, I’d still use CIS. especially for businesses because slick advertisement and catchy phrases don’t prevent network infections :-La

i will live with out one…i will walk to my bank to take my money, i will visit the stores to buy products,i will renounce my credit card,i will stop using utorent, i will not go to malware domain list,i will keep a bootable windows 7 dvd near by, and surely use ubuntu 10.10 more.

I’ll waiting for the vendor’s promotion.
For example 48 hr. promo.

I would use what I use :slight_smile:

Decent v3.14 Comodo Firewall only;

Mamutu as a Behavioral Blocker (if you are going to pay)… or wait for the one Comodo promised to develop & I hope that it will be a standalone but not integrated (having goosebumps :o) )

and use Free Emsisoft Anti-Malware or even Emergency Kit (no installation)

Basically, no need to have AV (no deep scans for 3 years here) & testing so called malware & cracks … but you may consider free or payed EAM /Avira

My regards

I would use CIS Pro or Complete which are paid versions of CIS with different product bundles in :slight_smile:


I would most likely go back to what I had before that was never penetrated and had no noticeable impact on my system. Namely, Norton Internet Security.

I already choose to pay $50 per annum to use CIS on 3 computers including Live Support. Unbeatable at that price.

Another scenario, if CIS did not exist, then I would probably still use Kasersky IS

I don’t even want to think in such hypothesis ;D