What AV are you currently running?

Right now I’m using Comodo AV for realtime and avira as a backup w/guard disabled

For comodo av I give it a, I don’t know a good way to rate it, but this will do for now. Around of applause
(:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)

and avira (I’d give it another one, if they reword the config file)
(:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)

  • 1 and + 1 more :110:
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CIS only. never been infected since using this.

Comodo for firewall and D+ and Avast! as AV.

CIS with all and EAM 5.1.

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Sorry… yes, AV. In that case MSE.

Avira on one PC, Avast on the other one. Why not CAV? I think because I used the two AV before discovering Comodo FW some years ago and keep them by habit.

I’ve installed CIS with CAV on computers of other family members with the default settings and I must tell that till now they don’t get nasties.

I been using Comodo AV (bundled with CIS) ever since it was released, and its come a long way since then I think. ;D

I am CIS with all componets active

Currently trying Adware Free Internet Security. Here its light on resources. Checked few tests on Youtube & read some reviews & find it good, so giving it a try.

What do you guyz have to say about Adware Free Internet Security?? Of all the free AV’s out there I have found Avast & Adware good. Every other has little probs like update prob, heavy on resources, weak detection, etc. Dont know about Adware’s detection but tests & reviews are good. Which one you guyz suggests, Adware or Avast??


I have seen mixed reviews on Adware Security Suite, some show it’s okay, some show it bad and good… Bad as in real time protection is poor, but good on sig based detection. Avast is a good AV, same as ESET, but I don’t think their suite is out special.

I find its Realtime Protection good in most tests. Every AV misses threats & so does Adware. I find it comparable to Avast if not better.

I guess for Spyware protection Adware has its own engine. For Antivirus they have Vipre or G-Data’s?? Coz in a forum a user has mentioned it uses Vipre & in another a user has mentioned it uses G-Data.

Does Adware Free has Rootkit Protection?? Its not clear in their website.

In its Ad-watch Live Protection in the Free Version it has Processes Protection On & Files, Registry Off. Does Avast has all these protection??


avast have beavioral shiled, sandbox, good detection of dcom exploit (network agent), his protection web is ok, do not produces lot of false positive.

Just using Comodo firewall with cloud scanner enabled. :-TU

I too wanted to just use comodo firewall with cloud scanner enabled but the prob is when cloud scan detects anything & the cloud av alert is there, there is no way to quarantine the threats for later inspection.


Let me see now…

On commercial-use PCs, as at close of business 02/03/11:
9 x MSE v.2
4 x PC Tools AV Free v.
1 x Avast 6.0.1000 30-day trial (was CIS 5.3 but it’s had unresolved apparent ‘issues’ withTeamviewer)
Before unistalling I exported configuration and am going to try CIS 5.3 on another Teamviewer-free PC.

PC Tools AV is not good take MSE instead

its comodo issues with teamviewer, i have it too.

!ot! try to add it in the firewall application as trusted program and exclusions of Execution Control Settings

Valentin N

MSE is doing a great job but 10 users is the max allowed. All the PCs with MSE & PCTAV are running ‘Limited User’ accounts. Only one runs as ‘Administrator’.