What AV/AM product can I use with Comodo Pro Firewall? [resolved]


I’ve been using CFP for a few days and have given-up tying to get Sunbelt VIPRE working with it. Even with CFP’s Defense+ disabled (I read somewhere that was the conflict) I still can’t get the two products to co-exist. They work fine together until I start IE or Firefox, and then the system slows down to a severe crawl.

So, I began researching other AV/AM products that also scan incoming email, but I have no idea what I can use with CFP (with Defense+ enabled). I would welcome suggestions, because it seems every AV/AM product duplicates some of the CFP functions, which has me thinking there will be conflicts.

Thank you.

The only problem with Vipre is Comodo memory firewall from what I have read. Your thread all depends on your pocket. I use NOD32 3.0 which is great and has an active mode for more effective filtering. Avira Premium is also great. For free I recommend Avast Home Edition. What problems were you having with Vipre?

When VIPRE and CFP are running, everything is ok until I start IE or Firefox. It then takes several minutes for either browser to load and the entire system runs very slowly and applications will temporarily lock, even though cpu utilization remains very low.

Thank you.

I am actually using KAV 8.0 final now and its great.

When you have no problems running it normally, but only when opening the browsers it should be a problem with CMF. As for antivirusses I recommend NOD32 or Avira.


Perhaps it is CPF, as powerful as it is. For example, I was just using IE to print when CPF popped its warning and asked how I wanted to treat the application. I recall from the user guide that it wasn’t necessary to select “trusted application,” so I selected (inadvertantly) “isolated application” when I meant to select “limited application.” Of course, now IE won’t start and I can’t figure out where to fix that within CPF. Please advise.

Thank you for advice on AV/AM products that won’t conflict with CPF, as what I really need is a product to scan email.

Open CFP 3, go to Defense+AdvancedComputer Security Policy and look for the item that says Isolated Application under Treat as.
Delete that rule, and when it pop-ups again, make sure that you select the right option. :wink:


Thank you for the quick answer. I had just started reading the user guide, which I’ll keep doing as this is clearly a sophisticated product.

It’s not sophisticated once you get used to it.

Is the problem still there or has it been resolved ?


Your guidance for correcting the IE problem was spot-on, so that problem is gone.

The problem with CPF and VIPRE co-existing was resolved when I removed VIPRE, and as much as I’d like to get these two working together and not cause problems when IE and Firefox load, I’m not sure that’s possible.

Then I’m going to lock this thread,

If you have any other question or the problem comes back, just pm an active mod with the link to this topic to re-open it again.