What are your views on CSC 2? pls do tell.



:-TU I like it very well. It work smoothly and isn’t hard to understand.

Although, one thing i notice is that if COMODO System Cleaner is run with a window with a light color behind it, the minimize, maximize, close, misc., and help buttons become hard to see.

As an example I suggest running CSC with a Firefox window behind it, running the Default skin. I am running it on Vista, but I don’t believe that will make a difference. IMO, it would be better to have them attached to the window somehow. Like maybe something like what i attached.

Also, I would like to know the reasoning behind having just the restart now button after running registry cleaner. Often times, I run the cleaners seperately, and it is first in the list. With no option to do it later I am forced to either A) kill the CSC process or B) go ahead and restart and finish cleaning and have to restart again after the other cleaners. In case you just want to see what I am talking about I have attached a screenshot.

The first image is showing what I described being hard to see.
The second is where I would have probably put the window controls.
The Third is the Registry Cleaner restart notification.

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Thanks you for the feedback. 
I think you are right about the GUI issues, especially about the minimize, maximize, close, misc., and help buttons. We'll defiantly change this in a future release.

No problem. I was just offering a suggestion. It would help to have it connected to the window somehow. maybe extending the semi-transparent gray part to encompass the window controls if you don’t want to physically move them. I honestly know nothing about application design, so i couldn’t help you.

I like CSC 2 a lot. Here are some comments though:

  1. GUI is really nice, but it renders a bit too slow on my laptop machine (XP SP3, 1.8 GHz, 1.2 GB RAM). Generally my machine is currently slower than I’m used to, don’t really know why… the installation of Windows etc. should be in excellent condition. Anyway, CSC is a bit slow here. Also, I agree with this:
  1. Having Driver cache files (CPC/Windows) checked for cleaning by default is not recommended I think, but I know you’re aware of this. :-TU

  2. Still looking for custom paths! I’ve suggested it 3-4 times, here’s the first one. I simply can’t throw out CCleaner until this is implemented in CSC.



You can find this feature both on Registry Cleaner and Disk Cleaner. You can chose filter entries, and for each folder you can add a number of extensions to search for, or you can add the name of the file.

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I respectfully apologize as I’ve completely missed this new (?) feature. Thanks - excellent! Now I’ll have to struggle to find a reason to keep CCleaner. :wink:

at least one user reported that he was unable to start WinXP SP3 after running registry cleaning with CSC v2 (system freezed forever after Winows logo dissapeared during boot process). he restored system by using imaging software and restoring previously captured image.
that report is not in English and i can provide a link to it only by PM.

as for me i have never had any major problems with CSC v1 but that info sounds alarming to me and will wait for another reviews about CSC v2.

??? I’m not sure if it was CSC v2’s registry cleaner, or some glitch on my computer because I installed the new RAM before running CSC v2. Either way I got a BSOD after restarting and before i got to login screen with the registry cleaner safe delete popup that appeared. (which i would still like to know why there is only a restart now button on) I didn’t have any problems after the BSOD. All I had to do was shut the computer off, Windows informed me it did not want to start because of the error and asked if I wanted to recover, i opted to try one more time with the current setup before recovering. It booted perfectly, let me login fine, even worked great afterwards. I don’t know what happened. Once windows logged on, i opted to roll back all the changes CSC v2 had made just in case.

Also, I no longer have the memory dump because Ccleaner deleted it ( :-[ oops i forgot i had it set to delete those ).


Because you can’t give use the memory dumps, we can’t investigate this problem. But I doubt this is a CSC problem. We never had reports of BSOD’s for 2.0 version. We’ll try to reproduce it though.
About the “Restart now” option for Registry Protection: in the next release we’ll offer also the “Restart Later” option, just like Safe Delete.

Personally I don’t like the skin; Especially the floating mini/maximize buttons etc.

A more solid, workmanlike gui would be better - it would inspire more confidence.

I would be glad to give you my view on CSC V2 but can not get to your update server. still running V1. So do I need to uninstall V1 and download V2 or what?

I’m double-checking with Recuva to see if maybe I can recover the deleted dumps. But I highly doubt I can.
This will take a while to scan my hard drive though.

And that’s good to know that Restart Later will be available in the next release.

Because this would be a major update(from version 1 to version 2.0.107697.4), it’s better to uninstall the current version and clean install the latest one. You can download it from here: Download Antivirus for Mac | Free Antivirus Software for Mac

Thank you for your support.

I have not fully tested this version yet, but I don’t like this new GUI. The old GUI was a lot better


Personally, I prefer the old GUI too. Hopefully it will be skinable in the future, which should please everyone.


I downloaded and tried this program and I will not be using it for the following reasons. It detected registry entries for my dvd burning software as malicious when they clearly are not. Namely entries relating to px20help. This is part of Sonic Digital Media plus. I was afraid that if I let it delete the entries, the burning software would not work correctly. It also wanted to remove entries from Startmenu2 for valid programs that I have installed. I’m sure that if it deleted the entries, those programs would no longer show in my all programs menu. I also did not see any option to keep certain cookies while deleting others. I will be sticking with the Auslogics Registry Cleaner backed up by Registry Mechanic. For cleanup, I will stay with Free Window Sweeper. I think that , like some other Comodo offerings, CSC is too aggressive and probably dangerous to use at this stage.

We would very much appreciate if you could provide us with a list of your installed applications. We will use this list to analyze the problem regarding the malicious entries of your software.

Regarding the entries in Startmenu, as my colleague pointed out in this post https://forums.comodo.com/comodo_system_cleaner_fileregistryprivacy_cleaner/comodo_system_cleaner_201076974_public_release-t44283.0.html;msg321341#msg321341 all results that are displayed in the other categories except Malicious are safe to delete no matter the number of the results.

Thank you for your support.

The “malicious” entries came from Sonic Digital Media Plus v7 which is an OEM version of Sonic’s dvd creation and burning suite. It is provided by Hewlett-Packard and came pre-installed om my computer. I could provide you with the installation package if there is a way to send a folder that large but I don’t know if it’s protected in a way that it can only be installed on this system.

I used the previous version and was extremely pleased with it. The latest version has caused problems. I use win XP sp3 with comodo internet security and thats it. CSC causes the system to reboot very slowly. Thought I would have too reinstall win xp but it will eventually start windows and seems to work fine.