What are your thoughts on the new Firefox Quantum?

I am a long time Chrome user. Sometimes when I am bored, I test out different browsers but in the end return to Chrome. But recently the hullabaloo around FF made me install it. Well I must say, it is different. I liked the UI & pages load faster (not fast as Chrome). But the deal breaker for me was the huge memory & CPU usage. On my testing I found new FF using at least 30% more RAM than Chrome. But for the first time in years I really liked a browser to consider switching to it.

What are your thoughts??

I can recommend only chrome for now
I used ff also but like your stiuation it was? very slow and resource hungry and not useful like chrome

I switched from Chrome to Firefox in June last year, not least for better privacy, and am happy with it. :-TU


Always used Firefox having tried the rest from Netscape days :slight_smile:

I hate to disagree with the common consensus but it’s a sell out. A shadow of what it once was and the principles it was founded on. When Firefox 68 was released the legacy officially died. Literally right then and there. Being a privacy oriented person Firefox drew me in. I was a rock solid fan boy. No other browser existed for me. I could download, install , go into about:config and in 5 minutes with tweaks it was rock solid from a privacy standpoint. I was in control, but not anymore. NO LONGER is that the case. I could go back further when they first introduced the spyware Pocket feature but no need. I knew changes were coming then. I gave up around v70 for good. The amount traffic and data being transferred in the background that has nothing to do with my web surfing is to me bewildering. It’s encrypted so I can only guess. Set the homepage to about:blank where you should not see any traffic with a few tweaks and instantly connections to Akamai servers. Not connections that open and close these connections stay open for the entire browsing session. Never close. A small example because there is unnecessary traffic constantly in the background that has nothing to do with what your looking up. If you doubt me fire up Fiddler and Wireshark and there it is. The telemetry is no longer opt out. Hell you can’t even disable automatic updates any longer. Anyone that says they use Firefox for privacy now is uninformed and confused. Can’t remember now exactly but last time I used it created around 108 block rules in the firewall to defeat the background traffic. It went from hero to zero. It’s Waterfox Classic fork or GNU IceCat for me. Of coarse this is just my opinion but it’s backed with brutal facts. The Mozilla Foundation is non-profit, but the Mozilla Corporation is separate and all about profit. Firefox was perfection before the change and now it’s not. The partnership with first Yahoo and now the Google search engine should have been your first clue. I’m ■■■■ sure there are differing opinions but this is mine.

Currently I’m running Waterfox Classic fork 2020.03.1 and there is nothing that the latest build of Firefox can do that Waterfox can’t except spy on me. So if someone tells me my browser is obsolete all I can do is smile. There is a hardened user.js you can download and replace the original in app data roaming that fixes most privacy issues in Firefox but why bother?

My point is Firefox is still Firefox, but will never be what it once was. The bullsh!t caught up with it.

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    To counter my previous post which really applied to five or more years ago.

Recently not impressed with all it’s new features to block this and that when it is trying to do the same.

If a browser cannot be open for 5 minutes doing nothing without making connections, they all get blocked.

Please note this does cause problems for other websites.


Dear Comodo Staff and Community,

I found this thread and I thought to share the following with you.
As a (very) long time happy user of (an old version) CIS together with the latest versions of FF I stumbled across an unpleasant (or maybe better to say a nasty) feature of the latest FF versions.
Too avoid a lengthy thread in explaining the unpleasant finding you can read all about it here: 1624336 - Startup crash of Firefox 74.0 on Windows 7 and Comodo Firewall 5.12

Maybe you should read the above twice to understand what’s going on and what FF is likely turning into.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Thank you.


FF started blocking DLL injections from versions 68 and above. See also this Ghacks Technology News link: https://www.ghacks.net/2019/01/21/firefox-will-block-dll-injections/

This blocking of DLL injections caused FF version 71 and upwards to crash immediately on startup (not even a FF Crash Reporter window showing up) on my old CIS version (I know the reason why FF crashes…).

My big question and concern is: Has this blocking of DLL injections any affect on any feature of CIS V12 ?


When I compare Firefox to chrome, it comes down to 2 issues. Privacy and security.
For privacy, Firefox wins here. Although One can argue it could always be better
For security, One can say chrome has better security. To me I say Firefox is good enough, If the makers of “Tor Network” and the “Tor Browser” approve using Firefox for their security requirements needs then its good enough for me. Tor programmers are some of the smartest people out there

To anyone that don’t know the “Tor Network” or “Tor Browser” is
For Reference

Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security