What are your thoughts on the new Firefox Quantum?

I am a long time Chrome user. Sometimes when I am bored, I test out different browsers but in the end return to Chrome. But recently the hullabaloo around FF made me install it. Well I must say, it is different. I liked the UI & pages load faster (not fast as Chrome). But the deal breaker for me was the huge memory & CPU usage. On my testing I found new FF using at least 30% more RAM than Chrome. But for the first time in years I really liked a browser to consider switching to it.

What are your thoughts?

It’s great. A lot faster than previous versions. Try it yourself.

Personally, I don’t like the new GUI much and settings seem to have been moved about into different areas (which I prefer). Speed wise, it does seem a lot faster. Running on Ubuntu, it still is single process though (out of the box). I go between the two (other being Chrome based) but I still prefer Chromium.


I like it!

Much faster and capable than previously and I don’t find the memory or CPU load much different either. I missed a couple of the extensions, but with a bit of tinkering in the ‘chrome’ folder with some CSS code, I got it back to virtually what it was, in appearance and placements

No, it is multiprocess by default. If that isn’t enabled, try a refresh.