What are your favourite RSS feeds and how do you read them?

I imagine we all have our favourite feeds, so what are yours. I’m also interested in what you use to read your feeds, and why?

Here’s a few of mine:


If you enjoy the culinary side of life :slight_smile:


Just a few of my daily reads :slight_smile:

BTW I am currently using a firefox extension called Brief http://brief.mozdev.org/ which is, IMHO, by far and away, the best reader, so far, for firefox.


Very much news and technology: BBC, software updates, PC news.

Tried Opera and about a dozen dedicated progs., also Thunderbird (great potential, ■■■■ though) and setteled on SharpReader. It’s simple, I can use it as /I/ want to and it recognises Opera for when I want a proper browser.

Did try one just because of its name: RSS Bandit :o


I use FeedReader.

But am yet to find a feed that I like :stuck_out_tongue:

But am yet to find a feed that I like

LOL, there’s only a gazillion to choose from :wink:

Whatever feed it may be, let’s hope it’s not a troll.

I dunno, I try my best to start a new topic, and look what I get

Whatever feed it may be, let's hope it's not a troll.


Sorry. Lame joke :-[.

I’ve never used RSS feeds before. So they’re just updated news where you can save them in browser?

Sorry I was making fun :slight_smile:

The majority of web sites have RSS or Atom feeds. Its a quick and easy way of getting updates from your favourite sites, even this one :slight_smile:

I’m sure there must be an RSS reader for Opera?

Opera does have this option, but since I didn’t know how to use and wasn’t interested, I disabled it. I prefer the old fashion method of manually updating, and that isn’t just with software :wink: