What are these firewall events? (screenshots)

If you don’t have any other PCs on your local LAN, then some services should be disabled, also UPnP and SSDP are useless noise makers (see pic)

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u can uncheck enable LMHOSTS too.
and snapshots are not large enough to see all the infos.
do u have some process mDNSResponder.exe working on your system?

Yes, its from Adobe and totally useless for me

Ehh, and If running CFP and do not have any PCs who will share your Internet connection then Windows firewall service should be also disabled…

“Yes but long term rule for svchost.exe should be sourceIP: ANY, source port: 1025-65535 or ANY, Destination IP: Your ISP DNS servers or ANY, destination port: 53
Action: Allow
Protocol: UDP
Direction: OUT”

Interesting thing: it’s now allowing that svchost.exe - it was blocking it before. I didn’t change anything.

Also interesting, in my firewall alerts just now, there was an “asked” alert.

Windows Operating System - Action:asked - Protocol:IMGP - SourceIP: - DestinationIP:

… never received a firewall alert asking me to do anything, never seen an “asked” alert before.

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“do u use some torrent client or edonkey client?”

I hop onto Tor every once in a while … maybe once a month or so. Downloaded with the Vidalia bundle.

Firefox (FoxyProxy and Tor button add ons) - Privoxy - Tor

Speaking of Tor, the last time or two I was on there I kept getting the “learning” alerts

It would pop up “Comodo Firewall is learning Tor (or vidalia bundle, cant remember) connects to port xxxx”

Then five minutes later “Comodo firewawll is learning Tor connects to port xxxx”

Another couple minutes “Comodo firewall is learning Tor connects to port xxxx”

… I started thinking, this can’t be good, can it? Maybe I don’t have it configured well to use with Tor.

I don’t know though …

Side note - can people please address who they are speaking to, I’m not sure who some of you are talking to now… Me or Xw.

“If you don’t have any other PCs on your local LAN, then some services should be disabled, also UPnP and SSDP are useless noise makers (see pic)”

I have no other computers connected to a LAN, I should adopt those changes?

Hello Comofo,
I’m not :slight_smile: (why ?)

I’m sorry LirvA… but i think they’re speaking to you :wink:

Yes, disable it
For IGMP, create global rule:
Action: Block
Protocol: IP
Direction: in/out
Source: Any, Destination: Any, IP details: IGMP


Its not showing an option for IGMP

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Protocol must be IP, then you will have option to change IP details to IGMP

Geo-ip trace puts that address you’re blocking in Amsterdam.

Ah, I see.

This should be correct … ? (screenshot)

Will this change improve my internet connection? Is there anything I can do to improve internet connection? It’s terrible. Esp. playing big online poker tournaments on sundays.

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Have you tried TCP optimizer:


No, never tried or heard of it. You tried it? Recommend? I’m on dial up.

Never used it on Dial up but works well on broadband. The FAQ’s say it works with dial up - see attached.


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Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll have to check it out. … after the dying of the me for about half a day.

Are you pretty familiar with configuring it? User friendly?

By the way, I like what I see. Firefox rocks! (screenshot)

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Just a quick note; that 1st allow (and log) all out rule will generate one heck of a log - might wanna uncheck the logging on that one. Unless you have specific reasons for watching every single connection that’s made.

Yea Comofo, I see that the logs are huge. I don’t really mind it so far though.

Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll change it if it starts bugging me.

No worries,
I was just thinkin’ that with all that green getting logged, a red one might get lost in the mix :wink: - but it seems that you’re on top of it. :■■■■