what are the new features that will be included in CIS v4

Hi folks … recently i was browsing the forum and I found some new and really awesome feature are planned to be included … so I suggest to make a thread or topic for the new feature just in case if some1 curious like me asks … ;D

regards :-*

Here are all the new major features that will be in CIS v4:

  • Brand new GUI.
  • Time Machine
  • Behavior Blocker/Analysis
  • Sandboxing.

CIS 4 will be a zero pop up solution with max security. CIS 4 will also have a top notch AV by then too.


ok … that sounds promising but may I ask about the D+ …

and I’ve also heard that they will integrate new cleaning engine i mean for files infected by worm for example ( explorer.exe ) when mabezat is running in the computer any AV will ask ya to delete it except ( DrWeb ) but that will not be exception any more with the new release right ? :a0

Yes. That is for AV btw not D+…

CIS 4 won’t be just for novices to turn to for preventing them selves from infection, it will also be the choice when any other AV fails to clean a system. CIS 4 will have some acid cleaning like ability, meaning no rookit will be able to hide from it.

Let’s wait and see. CIS 4 beta is scheduled for launch around Christmas time… :slight_smile: (Well, years end).


any work they do will be appreciated … but I emphasized my previous message because i want CIS will be my first choice in cleaning and prevention since it’s already the best in prevention ( as far as I can C ) …

thanks again … cheers


Prevention & Cleaning is what COMODO is aiming for, With zero pop ups (For prevention off course).


A big reduction in false positives is coming, right? I have been critical of Comodo in some ways, but if they improve as much as they say, I will definitely try version 4 out since it’s free.

Someone tell me CIS V4 can disinfect and clean file infected virus.

Yes it can.

;D so guys when is the next Christmas exactly … kidding … waiting madly for V4

thanks and keep us up 2 date when you find something else is coming 88)

regards …

It might be the best Christmas present. :stuck_out_tongue:

Except for getting a new computer. 88)

The release date for the end of the year is a (very) preliminary estimation by Melih from some 6 weeks ago. Let’s say it will not be there before the end of the year…

And yes, it brings some exciting cool new stuff. The added infection cure facility will be Time Machine.

Hi chaps. Malware will have no place to run, no place to hide when version 4 hits the internet highway!!.The time machine will render malware a thing of the past, and no more reformatting when malware thinks it has defeated our best efforts to remove it.

However i thought Cima was also going to be added as well as behavior blocking sandbox and the time machine?. Can anyone throw any light on that one as it will help with detection and reduce the fps.


I’m sorry guys but what is ’ time machine ’ ? ???

Exactly what the word time machine is intended to mean.

But on your computer you can travel backwards and forwards again.

I just can say ’ wow ’ … with all these new stuff I don’t think we are going to upgrade when the time is come … maybe it’s too early to ask but shall we do a new install or upgrade like we always do … ? :-\

For how long will v.3 be supported after v.4 is released?

Most likely same as 3.10 is supported after 3.11, not for long.

V4 will be a Malware fighting Monster, and even more secure then v3, i will switch when it comes out of beta. :wink:

I will switch when it goes in to beta :smiley:

So will i switch. Its a no brainer. Av, Firewall, Behavior blocker, sandbox, D+, Cima, Time machine, ( should rename it “Tardis”, off Dr Who). This will in my case, allow me to wave bye bye to Sandboxie and Prevx, as i will have everything i need in one app, providing the beta testing goes ok.The end of Competition to Comodo as we know it, i reckon.