What are the emule global rules for comodo firewall?

Hello, I have configured comodo firewall for utorrent and soulseek according to this guide. I’ve chosen this configuration against pandlouk’s rules because I used to get a lot of svchost.exe incoming connections with annoying pop-ups (check my thread).

However, I don’t know how to do the same with emule. Pandlouk’s emule rules don’t seem to work with global rules from the other tutorial (Utorrent problems). They appear greyed-out. Could anyone please suggest the rules that are compatible with the ones I’m using? It would be of great help.



Since nobody has answered yet, I experimented with a combination of rules from the 2 guides I mentioned above.
I added 2 more global rules for allowing incoming tcp and udp to the respective emule ports (similar to those of utorrent but separate for tcp and udp) and changed emule’s application rules to the following:


Can anyone confirm that it is safe to use these rules? Thank you.

I can’t safely answer your question about these rules. Radaghast doesn’t seem to visit this forum any longer, or maybe he does but no longer leaves any posts…maybe you could leave him a private message just in case he does drop by…???

Anyway, that’s the beauty of using Pandlouks “pre-defined policy” instead of the “Application rules” combined with customized Global rules.
You just name the pre-defined policy “p2p” and then apply it to any p2p that you are using…like applying “Web Browser” to all your web browsers.
Plus, you can leave the Global rules on the stock setting of “Stealth for everyone” which blocks the annoying svhost intrusions. My uTorrent still shows the little green “check” so I’m satisfied.

Anyway, that’s what I do because I’m not an expert on FW settings.
Sorry I can’t help.

I have already tried to contact Radaghast but as you say he doesn’t seem to visit this forum anymore. I think his rules are as solid as Pandlouks and I use them for another 3 P2P software and they work perfectly. It’s just that he never made a guide for emule which is a bit different. I used to have Pandlouks settings but in the earlier versions of comodo firewall (I suppose before ipv6 started to appear). I just changed recently because I started having the issues with svchost.exe.

Unfortunately the green light in the ports doesn’t mean safety. For example if you allow P2P software to be treated as a browser (which I don’t recommend) you would get green light in utorrent, but it wouldn’t be as safe. That is I suppose the point of the aforementioned rules. I also have the green light. I am not sure though if for example ICPM Out should be allowed in this case. Thanks for the help anyway.